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Occupational exposure to nano-TiO2 in the life cycle steps of new depollutant mortars used in construction

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Nanoparticles and blood-brain barrier: the key to central nervous system diseases

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On the experimental approaches for the assessment of the release of engineered nanomaterials from nanocomposites by physical degradation processes

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Retinyl palmitate loaded poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles for the topical treatment of skin diseases

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Limitations and information needs for engineered nanomaterial-specific exposure estimation and scenarios: recommendations for improved reporting practices

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UVA irradiation influence on the acute toxicity of nanosized TIO2 to daphnia magna

I. Amiano, J. Olabarrieta, J. Vitorica, S. Zorita, P. Benguria | NANOCON 2012, 4th International Conference Pages: 675-678 | 2012

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